Sunday, February 25, 2018

Feb 26 Bracket

Here's the new bracket, through Sunday's games. Now we start the conference tourneys (including the Big 10's, a week early this year!

Just a procedural note: I give autobids in the single bid conferences to the first place team, not the highest BPI or RPI or SOR. For instance, since Rider got the top seed in the MAAC, they get the autobid over Canisius until they're eliminated.

I'm wondering what people think about teams like Nevada and Houston will be slotted. So far I've more or less gone along with the slot I think they deserve, but I feel like the Committee rarely thinks as highly of the teams outside the top 7-8 conferences, so I'm not sure Nevada will actually get a six. I may also be too bullish on Bonaventure... I'm not sure how they'll hold up against a middling ACC or Big 12 team on that bubble. Which is a shame.

I'll be curious to see what people think of Michigan State too. They've hovered around a 3 seed for awhile but I moved them up. Even in a down year, a 3-loss Big 10 champ has to be at least a 2, and might shove the Big East runner up off the top line if they win the B10 tourney. I like their chances better than Purdue's to steal a 1-seed. But the ACC is so rigorous that I could see the winner of a  Duke/UNC semifinal taking that final 1 if either also beats Virginia in the ACC tournament final.

I can't help but wonder if the FBI investigation will affect any school's eligibility this year. Probably not, it's too close to tourney time unless a school decides to withdraw itself... which might help with the NCAA but probably wouldn't matter to the Feds.

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