Sunday, February 12, 2017

Mock Selections thoughts

Just my reactions to the mock selection show:

1. No surprise as to WHO the top seeds were, but a bit of a surprise that Gonzaga wasn't the #2 or #3 overall. I'd probably put them ahead of Baylor but not Kansas.

2. The team I missed was Butler, who I had last week as a 6. That's a big whiff on my part. Butler was their first 4-seed. I think I fell for Wisconsin's record, both overall and in the Big 10. 

3. With Carolina being the top 2-seed even after losing to Duke, I wonder if they were closer to Gonzaga (on the top line) in the committee's estimation before that loss. I wonder what the committee will do if both Gonzaga and UNC run the table - if Carolina wins the ACC regular season AND tournament, will they replace an undefeated Gonzaga team on the top line?

4. I am not surprised that they had WV lower than I did. I fell for Wisconsin's record, and for West Virginia's wins over Virginia, Baylor and Kansas. 

Hopefully I'll have a new bracket out Sunday or Monday night.

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