Friday, January 10, 2020

January 10 Bracket

Wow, it HAS been awhile. So here's my first bracket of the 2019-20 season:

I was struck by the turnover from last year. It is very weird making out a bracket without Syracuse and especially North Carolina in it, but that's where we're at. Personally, I love the turnover at the top. I really like seeing the sort of new faces up there. Butler fighting for a 1-seed! San Diego State way up there after how many years? Baylor and Auburn deserve where they're at and are big-conference teams, but we're used to some of their league-mates being this high, not them. And I love seeing Dayton as a top 4. Kentucky and Virginia are way down from last year. Tennessee's not even in. And, wait a moment.... (squinting)... is that Rutgers?!? Yes it is, in the play-in game! Welcome back, Rutgers! I know they, like Butler, are big-conference members, but they don't feel like it so they're easy to root for.

I'll get back to doing these each week, hopefully consistently over the weekends, right up to Selection Sunday. My first couple will be a little rough as I get back into it, but hopefully they'll get polished as we go.

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