Monday, January 30, 2017

January 29 Bracket Update

Bracket update for January 29. Rising this week are Marquette (up 3 seed lines) and Arizona (up two). Also gave the Big 10 teams a bump, as Maryland and Wisconsin both jump two lines, probably due to people falling around them. Falling this week are Creighton, who I probably had too high as a 2 last week, and UCLA (ditto), three lines each, and Notre Dame dropping two lines. I gave Miami a bump after their big win vs UNC.

Some things I'm struggling with as I learn to do these:

  • The ACC getting 10 teams in makes it awfully tough to slot teams. As I have it set up, there could be as many as FOUR ACC vs ACC matchups in the Sweet 16. I'm not sure yet how to avoid that. There's also the potential for a Big 10 matchup in that round as well. 
  • Tough to sort the teams near the cut line. Did I put Georgia Tech in too soon? Should Clemson even be a tourney team at this point? 

I have to think that some of this will sort itself out in the next month-plus.

Last four in: Wichita State, Clemson, Oklahoma State, California

Feedback, ideas and solutions welcome.

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