Saturday, January 26, 2019

January 27 bracket

Made a few changes this week. Michigan State bumps Michigan down to a two. Almost seems unfair, but it's not like the Wolverines won't have their chances to reclaim a top seed. Kentucky is climbing fast. My feelings on Buffalo are well known, and their loss earlier in the week drops them to a 7 on my bracket. UB is still clearly in at-large territory, and any other team winning the MAC will steal a bid from a bubble team. I left UB as the MAC auto-bid team for now.

I have Syracuse as a 10. On my s-curve, they were actually a middling 9, but I had trouble finding a spot on the 9-line for them, what with two ACC teams on the 1-line and Florida State and NC State an 8 and a 9 respectively. So I bumped them down to a 10 for now. (As I write this, the Orange are getting whacked at Virginia Tech, so I might be glad to have held them to a 10 for another week).

I may have Ohio State a little low too. I was running into a similar problem as Syracuse's, with other Big 10 teams in the 2, 7 and 10 seeds. I think with some of these bubble teams it's pick your poison, and I went with teams that fit the slot conference-wise.

I continue to have Atlantic 10 problems too. Is VCU a bubble/at-large team? Can St. Louis or Dayton become one? And where do we put George Mason or (my choice) Davidson in the pecking order? I'm going with Davidson for now as the auto-bid, as they beat GMU. A team or two had better start to create some separation soon though.

New article coming out on on Monday.

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